Tonight’s basketball game at Royal Brougham Pavilion between the Seattle SuperHawks and the Wenatchee Bighorns ended with a victory for the SuperHawks, 103-98.

The game was closely contested, with both teams showing solid plays, but the SuperHawks managed to pull away in the end with significant contributions from key players. Notably, Naz Carter led the team with 30 points, showcasing a solid performance on both offense and defense. He also had seven rebounds, two steals, and two blocks. Nashon George added 15 boards to dominate the paint, while David Jenkins, Jr. put up 21 points, four assists, and seven rebounds.

Tremont Robinson White stood out with 23 points for the Bighorns, keeping the game competitive until late in the fourth quarter. His efforts, along with those of Missi Jeanneau-Mubialia, who scored 21 points, exemplified the tenacity and resilience of the Bighorns as they fought to stay in the game.

Ultimately, the SuperHawks’ strategic plays and effective scoring were crucial in clinching this win. For more detailed statistics from the game, you can view the complete box score here.